Great for proofing your dough for 
your homemade bread loaves.

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10'' Inch OVAL banneton proofing basket


About product


Before being put on sale, they have undergone a long process and are handled with great care and complexity by our skilled artisans. First of all, our artisans only choose rattan from the reliable and of highest quality source. After that, they are let hang out to dry before being carefully dealt with by our artisan experts. 

(10 x 6 x 3.5 inch) Oval Banneton Bread Basket with lines one of our best selling items, varying from all shapes and sizes, which can be customized to suit your taste and preference. Our main customers are mainly from America, Europe, who often give satisfactory review about our high-quality and 100% handmade products.

Generally called a Banneton, brotform or brotformen, these bread molds are used for the rising of the dough (also called proofing). The basket coils and flour dusting provide a beautiful shape and decor for a traditional hearth loaf.




Each of Sugus House oval bannetons are hand crafted with love and care, using durable rattan which will be a baker's companion for years to come.



Handmade of high quality Natural Durable Rattan, 



Complies with Food Safe so you can make healthier artisan bread. 


Handmade of high quality Natural Durable Rattan, ECO-friendly, Food-Safe and Non-toxic.


 Perfect for bread baking lovers. Works for Proofing, Banneton, or Brotform baking techniques.


Non-Stick Bowl. Easy Clean-up. FDA safe –food test


This oval banneton proofing basket is great for proofing your dough for your homemade bread loaves.


100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.
Our oval - shaped bread baskets can be served for many uses. GET IT NOW TODAY!


Usage for Banneton

Decorating rooms, houses…

Another usage of our product is that it can be utilized simply as a decorative handicraft. I believe that a delicate basket with firm texture and beautiful horizontal line will be just the perfect highlight for your room

Molding bread

It provides structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing, what is more, it is used for doughs that are too soft or wet to maintain their shape while rising. 

Using for storage or other holding purposes

Not only can our bread baskets assist to mold bread but it can also be used to hold fruits, vegetables, keeping them from getting dirty or getting wet.

Care instructions

• Don NOT put in microwave
• Avoid putting near flame
• Easily clean with damp cloth
• It takes at least 3 uses to achieve a film that is stable enough to mediate moisture or temperature (humidity), retain dusting flour and facilitate easy release of your dough.
• Great for rising your dough while providing the loaf with shape and wicking moisture from the crust. (For rising only, not for baking) 

“The first time you use your new banneton condition it by lightly misting with water then dust it with flour and tip out the excess before using”.

• Best for making healthy artisan bread
• Both for home use or bread shop
• Made of nature rattan and comply with EU food standard

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